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Customs representative

The services of a customs broker is one of the business lines at "Volgaintrans", which is in great demand among large companies and individuals involved in the transportation of goods across the border of the Russian Federation. We offer professional support for any type of cargo transportation with complete documentation set.

The objective of a customs representative is to coordinate and arrange the delivery of products through customs in accordance with all the rules prescribed by law in the shortest possible time period. Our company offers you mutually beneficial cooperation, during which the company's specialists find the optimal solution for a specific task and consider all possible routes for delivering goods.

Customs representative services:

  • Customs clearance for import and export of goods.
  • Protection of customer interests in customs.
  • Analysis of technical documentation for the goods in order to determine the FEACN code (Custom Comodity Code)
  • Registration of a guarantee liability.
  • Documantation expertise (contract, appendixes, technical documentation for the goods) in customs clearance.
  • Payment of customs duties.
  • Development of foreign trade documents.
  • Obtaining product certification.
  • Registration of sanitary and hygienic examinations.
  • Assessment of the customs value of products.
  • State registration.
  • Registration of customs value of declaration of customs value.

Consulting services on the topic of customs legislation and foreign economic activity.

General Principal of work with our company:

If you need customs clearance services, just call (846) 977-20-74, 977-20-75, 977-20-76. Our manager will carefully listen to you and list the needed documents.


For all questions just send scans of technical documentation, invoice, contract (or these documents in Word format) by e-mail and call.

Your presence in our office is ONLY needed for signing the contract, all work on customs clearance is carried out online, your presence is not required. The time and cost of solving the problem are strictly individual for each case and depend on the specifics of customs clearance.

The benefits of liaison with LLC "Volgaintrans":

We will take care of all your concerns regarding the customs sphere, so you do not need to spend your personal time.


When planning delivery and customs clearance of cargo, our experienced specialists apply all methods to save your costs.


LLC “Volgaintrans” offers professional services of a customs representative in Samara to address and solve various customs problems!


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